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Find out how you can get set-up and host your own exhibition

image with mock up of the exhibition

The Glass Room Community Edition

A growing need for public interventions and information about technology led Tactical Tech to design The Glass Room Community Edition – a lightweight, pop-up exhibition that can be easily printed or shipped worldwide to community spaces, schools, libraries and festivals.

The Misinformation Edition, updated in 2022, consists of 10 posters, available in 3 formats, 8 animations, and 4 interactive apps which help visitors engage with the themes. Along with the exhibition, our free Data Detox Kit reveals different ways misinformation disguises itself and gives you practical tips on how to find verifiable information on the internet. Moreover, we have developed a series of workshops based on the Data Detox Kit, which you can easily translate and facilitate to help engage your community in questioning its engagement with technology.

We have translated our Community Edition exhibitions to various languages, you can find out which translations we have available on our translations page.

The Misinformation Edition is available in various formats!

Poster Version:

Our original Poster version is ideal for gallery spaces, libraries, and conferences. The dimensions of the posters are 75x75cm and 150x75cm. Please download the infosheet to find out about space and technical requirements.

Photo by Ahmad Al Nemr

As a host you need to provide:

  • Space: 20 sqm or 215 sq ft with wall space and two to four tables.
  • Two people to set up – it normally takes between one and two hours.
  • Optional: Two large TVs, monitors or projectors for the animations (two are recommended).
  • Optional: Three tablets with internet connection (Android or iOS) for the apps.

Easyprint Version:

The Easyprint format is printed on A3 and A4 sheets of paper, making it affordable to produce. It is ideal to be hosted in classrooms. Please download the infosheet if you'd like to know more about set-up and materials needed.

As a host you need to provide:

  • Access to an A4/A3 printer.
  • Black masking tape (also called: washi tape).
  • 2 People – to set up the posters.
  • Scissors, glue, tape, markers
  • Optional: Tablets or computers – If you would like to display the interactive apps
  • Optional: TVs, monitor, projector – If you would like to screen the animations

Outdoor Version:

This version consists of 6 large banners printed on PVC, and mounted on metal fencing. It is ideal for open-air events. The size of the banners are 340 x 173cm, which is standard fences sizes in Europe. Please download the infosheet if you'd like to know more about set-up and requirements.

As a host you need to provide:

  • Metal fences (200 x 350 cm). Depending on how many banners you would like to exhibit, and in what arrangement, we recommend renting between 3-6 fences.
  • Space to install 3 to 6 fences of 3.5 metres each and a transit area for visitors.
  • Two or three people to set up – it normally takes around one to two hours.
  • A pack of 100 cable ties (370 mm x 4.8 mm, transparent).
  • Black or coloured masking tape (25 mm width).

Please write to us at if you are interested in hosting the Glass Room Misinformation Edition, and check out our translations page to see what languages we have content available in.