Step into The Glass Room

The Glass Room is a public intervention that aims to demystify technology through immersive, thought-provoking, self-learning exhibitions. The Glass Room began as a large scale exhibition, traveling from Berlin to New York, London and San Francisco between 2016 and 2019.

Each Glass Room took the form of a space designed to look like a sleek tech shop, but where nothing was for sale. Instead, visitors found a place where they could freely and critically discuss technology. The objects presented explored data, privacy and our relationship to the technologies and platforms which have become so commonplace in our everyday lives.

Artworks produced as part of these larger Glass Room exhibitions are still touring around the world, with exhibitions upcoming in The Netherlands in 2021 and Australia in 2022.

The Glass Room Community Edition

A growing need for public interventions and information about technology led Tactical Tech to design the Glass Room Community Edition – a lightweight, pop-up exhibition which is translated into over 15 local languages and can be shipped worldwide to community spaces, schools, libraries and festivals. We support our partners in creating critical spaces where communities around the world can join the global discussion around privacy, data and the impacts of technology on society.

The first release of this series was The Internet of Things (IoT) Edition; exploring the risks and benefits of the everyday technologies that we invite into our homes and lives.

Tactical Tech’s Youth & Technology initiative has adapted and made the contents of The Glass Room Community Edition a thought-provoking experience for visitor of all ages. The Glass Room Community Edition has been dedicated to improving media and digital literacy through the latest Misinformation Edition. Joint efforts with the Youth & Technology project have made all Glass Room content accessible and relevant for younger audiences.

Data Detox Kit

First launched for The Glass Room London, the Data Detox Kit has accompanied the exhibitions, distributed at the Data Detox Bar. The Data Detox Kit, in both print and online formats, provides visitors simple tip and tricks, so they can begin to take control of their privacy, security, and well being. The Data Detox Kit is freely available in over 35 languages, and offers articles on a diverse range of topics including health misinformation, screentime, and voter data.

An interactive version of the DDK for our younger audiences is also downloadable and available in multiple languages. The Detox x Youth is an activity book to help young people take control of their tech.