FabLab Partnership With The Glass Room

The Misinformation Edition:

The Glass Room Misinformation Edition explores how social media and the web have changed the way we read information and react to it. We present new types of influencers, the new and old tactics they use, and the role we the users and consumers play in the way information flows and changes within that flow. We also examine the relationship between personal data, targeting and our opinions, views and behaviours, as well as the business models behind it.

The exhibition consists of 9 posters, 8 video animations - accessible via screenings or QR scans, and 4 interactive apps which help visitors engage with the themes. For more information, click here to find out exactly what’s included. The Misinformation Edition also comes in the Outdoor and Easy Print format!

The collaboration:

Last year were in touch with Fab Lab Barcelona and The Fab Foundation and joined FAB16 to introduce the project. It was amazing to see how many spaces stepped up to join this journey

Our FabLab Partners:

Join a Global Conversation:

Do you also have a space to host your own exhibition? Contact us via events@tacticaltech.org to get started! Our content is translated into 15+ languages, check out our translation page to find your language.

There have been over 375 Glass Room events across 54 countries all around the world, reaching over 270,630 people – with many more planned in 2022. So when you host a Glass Room Community Edition event, you join a global conversation on data, privacy, and misinformation.

Get in Touch

Write us an email at events@tacticaltech.org and we can discuss the format which best suits your needs!

Additionally, check out the Data Detox Kit, a tool guide for digital security, privacy, and well-being which accompanies the exhibition.