The Glass Room London

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David Mirzoeff 2017

Produced by Tactical Tech in partnership with Mozilla, The Glass Room was a pop-up exhibition that turned issues around data and privacy into sensory and tangible experiences. In just 19 days, The Glass Room welcomed nearly 19,000 visitors, including over 1,800 on a single Saturday, with queues that stretched to nearly 60 people on the exhibition's final days. The Glass Room hosted 37 events and 35 Ingenius workshops, with a total of almost 2,000 attendees.

The Glass Room Plus exhibition in Lodz David Mirzoeff 2017

The Glass Room was widely reported in the UK and global media, including Channel 4 news, Radio 4 and Sky News.

The Glass Room Plus exhibition in Lodz David Mirzoeff 2017

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I came away feeling that we should all make an effort to understand the new digital world we inhabit and take responsibility for our engagement with large digital companies whenever we can, otherwise we risk being seriously exploited in ways we don’t even imagine.

Tech Trends — Glass Room London

Do we truly understand what part of our digital footprint is owned by these companies? That’s why the Glass Room, which just opened in central London, is important.

Mashable — london2017

This current political moment of anger against unbridled capitalism changes how every piece is viewed and felt.

The Verge — london2017

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