Image credits: Boris Zharkov

Clear ID

Maybe you don’t think twice when you hand over your driver’s license to be scanned. But you might have a different view if you knew what was behind the process of scanning, and what information is revealed. Clear ID gives you the chance to view the types of personal data that are stored in the bar code on your ID. You can experiment by changing the data and printing out a new bar code.

Both the companies that sell ID scanning software and those who use it can access your digital identity, without you knowing what happens to it afterwards. A recent study of the largest ID scanning software company found that doormen at clubs in Sacramento were using the database of scanned IDs to blacklist customers from bars and clubs. In September 2019, a report by Motherboard revealed that DMVs have been selling personal data to all kinds of entities – from insurance companies to private investigators. Are you comfortable sharing this data by default?