Image credits: Boris Zharkov

Google and You

How would your week look without Google? When journalist Kashmir Hill gave up Google’s products and services for a week, she had to start by blocking nine million IP address that Google controlled. She was left to find alternatives for the search engine, calendar, email, docs, and maps Google provides. She also found she couldn’t use Uber, Lyft, or Spotify because they depended on Google’s services.

This diagram visualizes the depth and reach of Google and its suite of 250 products and services. Select the Google products you use most and move the discs to see how far Google extends into your daily interactions, and how many billions of people rely on the same products you do. If users already trust Google to organize the world’s information, what would change that?

The graphic here also shows the company’s growth in advertising revenue over the years. While Google and its parent company Alphabet make a multiplicity of products, they have one main income stream – providing advertising services.