Silver Mother™ & Kepler Vision Technologies

With a growing elderly population and strained resources to care for them, technology companies are trying to fill the gap. Silver Mother™ is a product that allows you to monitor your elderly relatives via an app. By installing motion sensors on your mother or father’s pill bottles, refrigerators, and even in their beds, you can remotely check on your relatives 24/7 to see if they are taking their medication, eating regularly, or sleeping enough.

Kepler Vision Technologies has developed a similar product to help caregivers remotely monitor elderly people in nursing homes, hospitals, or at home. Rather than sensors, their system uses video and body-language recognition software to monitor an elderly person’s behavior, mood, hydration, posture, and whether they’re clothed. These surveillance technologies can reduce costs, improve care, and ease the burden on caregivers. At the same time, they impose round-the-clock, detailed monitoring for those who aren’t necessarily able to opt out.

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