Google Society

You are most likely a Google user. Even if you don’t use gmail, it’s likely that you use at least one of the more than 295 products that Google owns. That might not sound like a big deal, until you consider that there are billions of people around the world like you, who depend on Google’s services and whose data Google can access and analyse. The more data Google collects through its suite of products, the more powerful the insights it can glean about entire populations.

It can be hard to quantify exactly how much of the world’s population depends on Google, but by looking at how many users each of their products has, we can begin to extrapolate. This piece visualises the depth and reach of Google and its suite of 295 products and services. It asks you to think about how far Google extends into your daily life, and, in turn, to the billions of other people’s lives who rely on the same products you do, and how, ultimately, this contributes to the growth and revenue of the company.